Check-in Procedures

Once you have secured housimg, it's time to check in - this is a very exciting time for many newly arrived residents! To ensure a smooth check in process, please follow the instructions below.
The earliest date and time that hall residents can check in is after 2pm on the first day of their hall offer period. Any early check-in requests will not be entertained.
Residents should check in directly at the Hall / Management Office of the hall assigned. The Hall / Management Office has staff on duty 24 hours each day EXCEPT for The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Jockey Club Hall ("Jockey Club Hall") * and they can help you check in any time upon your arrival.
Residents who are unable to check in within 7 days from the commencement date of the hall offer period are required to inform the Student Housing and Residential Life Office of their late check-in date by writing to Failure to check in within the aforementioned period without prior notification will result in cancellation of offered hall place.


Please follow the following procedures to ensure an efficient check-in process; failure to follow these steps may delay check-in.

  1. It is a must to check-in in person at the Hall / Management Office of the assigned hall.
    No authorized check-in is allowed.
  2. Bring along 2 passport size photo for the check-in documents.
    Students with no passport size photo will not be allowed to check in.
  3. Present HKUST Student ID card to the Hall Assistants. #
  4. Obtain a registration card, complete it and return it to the Hall Assistants immediately.
  5. Obtain room key and complete necessary documents.
  6. Obtain a copy of Resident Handbook and a Check-in/Check-out Inventory List.
  7. Check the conditions of all the furniture, equipment and items listed in the Inventory List and report any damage to our Hall Assistants immediately. You will be held responsible for any damage found later on if you fail to report it to our Hall Assistants during check-in.


* Check-in time for students assigned to Jockey Club Hall is from 8:45am to 7pm and 7:30pm to 10:30pm daily (ie. the opening hours of the Management Office of Jockey Club Hall)

# New students without HKUST Student ID card before program registartion may show other personal identification documents (eg. passport) at check-in


Check-in Locations

Hall Assigned

Check-in Location

UG Hall I Hall Office, G/F, UG Hall I
UG Hall II Hall Office, 11/F, UG Hall II
UG Hall III Hall Office, G/F, UG Hall III
UG Hall IV Hall Office, G/F, UG Hall V
UG Hall V Hall Office, G/F, UG Hall V
UG Hall VI Hall Office, G/F, UG Hall VI
UG Hall VII Hall Office, G/F, UG Hall VII
UG Hall VIII Hall Office, G/F, UG Hall VIII
UG Hall IX Hall Office, G/F, UG Hall IX
Jockey Club Hall
(in Tseung Kwan O)
Management Office, G/F, Jockey Club Hall

















Locations of the on-campus UG Halls are available in the university campus map (online / PDF).

Location of the Jockey Club Hall is available here.