Welcome to University Apartments

Towers A and B provide self-contained apartments to accommodate 960 RPg students.

There are two types of apartments, one consists of four single rooms whereas the other consists of three single rooms and one double room with bunk beds.

Hall Facilities

Each apartment is fully furnished. Living rooms are equipped with air-conditioners.

"living room 2"

There are 5 types of room in the University Apartments:
- Single room in 4-person apartment
- Single room in 5-person apartment
- Single room in 5-person apartment (mixed gender)
- Double room in 5-person aparment
- Room for married couples in 5-person apartment

"single bedroom""bunkbed"
All rooms are equipped with air-conditioners. A desk, chair, wardrobe, internet connection, light, electricity plugs, bookshelves and a bed with mattress.

"double bed"

Room for Married Couples in 5-person Apartment 
[typlical layout; each room setting varies]

There are 20 rooms for married couples in 20 shared apartments in the University Apartments. In each of these shared apartment, a couple share the common area and facilities (e.g. bathroom, toilet, kitchenette, etc.) with 3 other students of different gender.


There is an open kitchen with a gas stove, a refrigerator and a microwave oven in each apartment.


Residents of the apartment share a washroom and shower facilities.


There is one laundry room on each floor in Towers A& B (except G/F of Towers A & B), equipped with a washer and a dryer.
All are smartcard-operated.

"laundry room"