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We like to think that you are joining a community where you will learn, and in turn contribute to campus and hall life. Aside from academic pursuits, participating in residential programs is a great way to get to know people, discover the campus, and partake in a journey or self-discovery. 



Animal-assisted therapy programs have become more popular in various international tertiary educational institutions, aiming to reduce stress and anxiety level of students. It was first introduced to the University by Counseling and Wellness Centre during the final exam period in 2016. It has been receiving positive responses from students and the local media and becomes a popular regular program.

Research has shown proven mental and physical health benefits brought by animal-assisted therapy, such as lowering blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health, reducing anxiety by releasing hormones that elevate moods and providing mental comfort and stimulation.

With proven success of therapy dog programs at the University, other local and international universities, the UG Residential Life Team proudly presents a new “Comfort Paws” Program.


Program Objectives

  • To expand the success of current therapy dog programs on University campus by implementing one in the UG Residential Halls as a new feature of the UG Residential Life Program.
  • To help ease and reduce students’ stress level by introducing long-term, UG Hall-based “Comfort Paws” mingling sessions throughout the academic year.
  • To raise student awareness on animal care, protection and welfare by introducing “Comfort Paws” care tutorials and practicums, as well as educational talks designed and conducted by local animal care professionals.
  • To raise greater community awareness on the educational benefits of animal-assisted therapy and animal welfare enhancement through expected media attention on this new program. 


Mingling sessions with certified therapy dogs to be followed, registration is required for each session. Stay tuned! 


A green and sustainable campus life has always been one of the University’s focus. In response, Green Trekker Program is launched in 2015 and aims to create a green hall community by student leaders and the Residential Life Office. Through eco-campaigns, events and workshops, residents are expected to interact and network between themselves, foster and promote an environmentally conscious hall culture.


This program enhances the residential life experience by recruiting Green Trekker members who are passionate in environmental protection, healthy green living style and empowers them to become environmentally conscious leaders of the hall community. The Green Trekkers are dedicated to make the University’s hall community a sustainable living place by implementing various green ideas by events and campaigns.


Program Objectives

  • To foster a green hall community
  • To save energy and reduce waste
  • To recycle and reuse in different levels of life
  • To promote vegetarianism in order to reduce carbon footprints
  • To appreciate and conserve nature


All undergraduate and postgraduate residents are welcomed to join the Green Trekker Team. The upcoming application begins in August 2019. Stay tuned to fill in the for the recruitment email in August, shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview.


All events are opened for all hall residents. Stay up to date with the most updated events at the Green Trekker Facebook page and Green Trekker UST Instagram.

For any enquiries, email greentrekker@ust.hk

The core values of the University are to include global vision and diversity. In response to the aims, the Cultural Buddy Program aims to promote local and global culture and provides a platform to enhance cultural exchange among local and non-local residents in halls. It also encourages the incoming exchange residents to adapt to the brand-new environment and create a sense of belonging in the hall community.

In previous year, the Cultural Buddy Leader successfully enriched the living and learning experience of over a hundred non-locals and exchange-in residents. The leaders from diverse backgrounds come together and tailor-made various cultural programs for the residents such as Culture Night, local cultural tours and international food sharing.

Program objectives

  • To enhance the international mind-set and culture of local students
  • To experience the local culture and lifestyle, ethnic minority cultures and religions to non – local students
  • To be a cultural melting pot for residents at their doorstep

Dine and Share provides hall communal dining along with learning experience for residents. Originally exclusive to UG Hall VIII and IX residents, now the program is extended to all halls residents in order to benefit wider range of residents and create a wider hall community among all students.


Dine and Share allows residents to dine, social and learn with old and new friends in a relaxed dining environment. Residents can choose to join according to different themes and topics of their interests. It is an excellent platform for residents to gain non-textbook knowledge on different topics from professionals while dining with friends, nourishing residents nutritionally and emotionally and learning more non-textbook knowledge outside their own major studies. 

The host of the Dine and Share are professionals and expertise in the fields, including our University’s staff, hall Living Learning Communities’ (LLC) Learning Community Fellow, Residence Master etc.

This program is launched in SHRLO since 2017 which provides the part-time job opportunities for UG hall residents. The program aims to fully utilize residents’ professional skills and talents working in their own community and a vibrant multicultural environment. It also helps to foster and build residents’ personal and professional development that strives a work-study balanced University life.


The program is comprised of three teams:

  • Media Team - Photographers; Videographers
  • Publication Team - Designers; Journalists; Social Media Managers
  • Student helpers – Event helpers; Front desk administrative helper; Event MCs


Recruitment will be opened when there is a vacancy, wages will commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Testimonials from students

“Challenging task that allows us to observe more of our university and hall life. A platform for us to share interesting and aspiring things to HKUST members.” Student Social Media Manager, Eunice LEE, BIBU

“Being a part of the team has been an enriching experience for me. This program allowed me to use my creative skills to contribute to the residential community and brighten my university life!” Student Designer, Cindy HUI, SBM

“Participating in this program has allowed me to gain more than I had expected. As part of the media team I was challenged in different settings, had opportunities to cooperate with other student photographers from various cultural backgrounds and received professional advice from the supportive staff.” Student Videographer, Ho Yan KAM, SBM

 “This program has given me a valuable opportunity to utilize my spare time, participate in activities across all HKUST halls and brush up my photography and presentation skills.” Student Photographer Ronald NG, ACCT