Living Learning Communities

The University believes that the halls should offer diverse residential life experiences. To facilitate the learning and development of its residents in a holistic manner, the Living Learning Communities (LLC) Program was piloted in Fall 2009. Over the past ten years, we have been nurtured our residents with different experiences in various theme based LLC programs. 


The purpose of LLC is to create and extend student learning opportunities outside the classroom in order to integrate curricular and co-curricular experiences that enhance students' intellectual and personal growth. Students reside in halls to form small communities led and monitored by faculty and staff. Each LLC centers around a particular theme. Through structured programs and activities, students learn to contribute to the development of a more vibrant residential life. As a result, the integrated living and learning environment fosters interaction and enriches personal development of the student residents.


Each LLC is led by a Learning Community Fellow. Student performance will be assessed by the Learning Community Fellow based on participation, peer review and self review. The assessment result will have significant impact on the resident's continuation of residence in the LLC.

There are different themes to different LLC, to learn more about each theme, please visit the pages below. 

Art Jamming

Casual Dining

Exhibition Visit

Campus Running

We offer Five Themes of LLC

Fitness Connection

Fitness is one of the core elements which allows the development of one’s potential to live and work effectively and to make a significant contribution to society. Individuals should not only focus on their own fitness level, but also aim to make an impact on the wider community by fostering a fitness culture.

Program overview

Fitness Connection will enrich students in the areas of fitness assessment, exercise prescription and skills in organizing sport events.  


Participants of Fitness Connection will learn to:

  • Distinguish and accept individual differences in physical fitness
  • Design, execute and monitor a personal training program

Proposed activities include:

  • Meetings and training workshops on weeknights
  • Consultation sessions with LC Fellows
  • Regular exercise based on the tailor-made programs
  • Organizing major fitness functions for the campus community
  • Reflection of learning by building a personal portfolio

Students Feedback

"In Fitness Connection, I meet a lot of new friends. We can do sports together, go to gym, or play table tennis. Also, we can discuss academic problems in the common room." 

– YANG Ji (Year 2, PHYS)


"Most activities it holds is exactly what I am going to do. In LLC, I can do it with friends and have more fun." 

– GUO, Jinghan (Year 1, BBA)

Think Green

What can you do to be Green? What can yo do to help the environment? What can you do after studying Green? There are so many questions to ask, choices to make and actions you can take, but where can you start? Right here our residential hall THINK GREEN Community.


Think Green Banner


Program Overview

THINK GREEN is an experiential learning program, meaning that students will have a chance to gain new skills and experience from the hands-on application of green living behavior change strategies, test new theories in behavior economics and explore the outcomes.

Using the Halls as a "Living Laboratory", members of the THINK GREEN Community will facilitate active engagement within HKUST residential halls with the purpose of understanding the logic behind the way we behave, and to use those insights to build a sustainable future. Under the guidance of Fellow, THINK GREEN members will implement well-crafted, hands-on interventions and projects that can influence behaviors in ways that are observable, measurable, and result in positive change. 



Davis Photo

Mr. Davis Bookhart 

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Division of Environment and Sustainability

Senior Manager and Head, HKUST Sustainability Unit


Davis Bookhart joined HKUST in August 2013 as Senior Manager and Head of the University's Sustainability Unit. Bookhart facilitate the creation and implementation of a comprehensive sustainability master plan, focusing on reducing or eliminating the University's environmental impacts, addressing and managing risks that arise from climate change and resource scarcities, and preparing students for careers that will be shaped by an increasingly stressed planet. Bookhart is also the Secretary of the Environmental Sustainability Steering Committee (ESSCOM), a sub-committee of the University Administrative Council (UAC).


Bookhart comes to HKUST after eight years as the Head of the Office of Sustainability at Johns Hopkins University. As the founding director, Bookhart launched the office to focus on integrating students and faculty into campus sustainability projects to the greatest extent possible, while promoting sustainability through collaboration between departments and in the local community. IN this role, Bookhart also worked with Baltimore City leaders to develop policies and programs to promote sustainable actions City-wide. Before joing Johns Hospkins, Bookhart founded Charm21 - Clean and Healthy Air through Renewables in Maryland 0 a non-progit group advocating the use of renewable fuels and resources in the Baltimore region. and was senior project director of the public interest group Consumer Energy Council of America.


Get Involved!


Through interacting with Fellow and hall residents, members of THINK GREEN Community will be able to:

  • Enhance their understanding of environmental issues
  • Minimize the ecological impacts of daily activities
  • Practice green actions in support of sustainability
  • Explore how best to raise awareness about these issues amongst their peers
  • Receive trainings including workshops, field visits and training camp in order to equip themselves with relevant knowledge and experience
  • Make friends from different backgrounds but having the same goal 


Responsibilities of THINK GREEN members:

  • Help to design and implement the behavioral interventions and examine the results afterwards to determine the effectiveness of the experiments
  • Contribute 2-3 hours per week, inclusive of bi-weekly team meetings
  • Responsible for the successful implementation of several interventions throughout the year.


Proposed projects and activities include:

  • Community service learning projects organized by Fellow and SHRLO
  • Leadership activities that contribute to the green movement
  • On-going research projects
  • Topics may include alternative energies, transportation, community development, food, responsible consumption and green careers 

Entrepreneurship is not only about business or founding a startup, it is about mindset -- a mindset that helps individuals take greater advantage of opportunities, to be more innovative, and to be able to create more value. 

Program overview

This program will offer students unique opportunities:  how better to understand their own capabilities, how to implement ideas effectively with the guidance of the LC Fellow and peer support. This LLC will not assess students by attendance alone.  Our goal is for students to benefit professionally from the knowledge they will gain in this community.  The proof or our success will be measured by how well we nurture the next entrepreneurs who will make an impact on society.




tat koon photo

Prof. Tat Koon KOH

Assistant Professor, Dept of Information Systems, Business Statistics & Operations Management

Tat Koon is an Assistant Professor in Information Systems at HKUST. He received his Ph.D. and MSc. from Carnegie Mellon University, and B.Bus from Nanyang Technological University. One of the fun/crazy things he has done (to date) was to cofound an online Business-to-Business exchange during his freshman year. The startup was an ideal platform for him to experiment and implement various e-business strategies such as growth hacking and freemium revenue model, long before these concepts take root in the tech world. Although he did not get on Forbes’ list of “Richest People in Tech” because of the startup (how unfortunate!), he accumulated a rich set of e-business experiences that is still motivating his academic and professional interests. He has advised various tech startups (including those by HKUST undergraduate, MBA, and EMBA students) on their business ideas and strategies.

 Entrepreneurism is experiential -- it must be learned through practice and experience. And an entrepreneurial mindset, once it takes root, will remain with an individual for his or her entire lifetime.


Participants of Entrepreneurship will learn to:

  • Understand the concept of Social Entrepreneurship;
  • Explore their entrepreneurial potential;
  • Nurture a character that advances creativity and innovativeness;
  • Inspire, grow and implement ideas through various entrepreneurial avenues;
  • Develop business models and support products under advice and financial support.


Proposed activities include:

  • Experiential learning activities, on campus and off campus, to explore self-potential and personal interests;
  • Exclusive access to special opportunities and resources for enriching one’s entrepreneurial experience;
  • Membership in an exclusive entrepreneurial community;
  • Proof of concept consultation and support.

In a university like HKUST, you can easily find students from all parts of the world. Yet, we might not know how to approach them and some may even find it difficult when they are living with hall mates who have different lifestyles and cultural practices. Therefore, it is actually important for everyone in the University to develop a global mindset and vision.




Program overview

iVillage is an LLC theme for students interested in exploring cultures outside their own, who have respect for divergent cultural values and enthusiasm for living and learning in an international community. Global cultures and lifestyles are experienced through interaction with international students and faculty and through cultural events.



Nick Photo

Mr. Nick Wong

Lecturer, Center for Language Education

In the daytime, Nick, who does not go to school by bus, is a lecturer in the Center for Language Education, teaching English to first-year and business students. At night, he turns into a "keyboard fighter", writing and sharing posts in Kongish (a mixed language which are creatively use by Hong Kong bilinguals) on his Facebook Page "Kongish Daily" (You may not have heard of it probably because it has just a pitiful number of subscribers, just around 46000 followers currently). He went to HKU to read for his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees, but he only started practicing art after he started his teaching career: In workplace, Nick not only mastered how to face criticism like song singing (Office survival art), he also met Mr. Lai Ming (a national artist who had studied under the tutelage of Gao Jianfu, the founder of Lingnan school of painting) and learnt the ways to practice and appreciate Chinese and Western paintings for a few years. Having learnt how to appreciate art, Nick decided not to paint anymore so as to stop land pollution and be environmentally friendly (by saving forests).  

Members of the iVillage will learn to:

  • Live and work together effectively in a cross-cultural community
  • Demonstrate effective cross-cultural communication and teamwork strategies
  • Understand culture-related and social issues of the modern globalized world


Proposed activities include:

  • Experiential activities on Hong Kong and global social issues
  • Guest talks on world cultures
  • Festival celebrations
  • Visits to Hong Kong cultural sites and international events
  • Workshops and tours on intercultural communication and teamwork
  • and more... 
Creative Arts

Creativity is the key graduate attribute that transcends disciplines and leads to design, invention, collaboration and innovation. All students can develop their creative capacities if they have access to rich learning opportunities in environments that nurture and support their creative development. 



Creative Arts Banner

Program Overview

Creative Arts Program aims to explore the connections between technology, creative arts and the ways in which digital media is commonly used nowadays. Under the guidance of Fellow and professionals, LLC members and participants will gain essential professional skills in digital media production, including the operation of software and hardware, as well as the ability to plan, develop and complete a digital media product, including scripting, music production and film making. 

At the end of the residential year, participants will have the opportunities to showcase their talents by organizing their own exhibition.

Program Content

  • Workshops related to digital media production, script writing and music production
  • Appreciation of arts and music 
  • Visit to art galleries, exhibitions and attend music concerts
  • Artist sharing session
  • Creative arts advising 
  • Student performance and film showcase



Dr. Isaac Droscha

Lecturer I, Humanities Division


Dr. Isaac Droscha is a Lecturer in the Huminites Division at HKUST. He received his Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Michigan. Isaac is also the co-conductor of the HKUST University Choir and is the music director and vocal coach of the HKUST Summer Musical, which he also helps coordinate. Isaac is also an operatic baritone and performs frequently in Hong Kong, Russia, and the United States. Most recently he has sung a number of operas and concerts with MusicaViva Hong Kong. He also frequently performs drama and musical theatre and is a part of the improv comedy group TBC. Isaac can also often be heard as a presenter on RTHK radio 4. Isaac loves music, performing, and the arts, and sharing his passion with new people. 


Get Involved!

Through interacting with Fellow and hall residents, members of CREATIVE ARTS Community will be able to:

  • Extend their knowledge of creative media and performing arts
  • Recognize digital media and performing arts as a way to explore and express self
  • Develop interest in digital media production, script writing and music production
  • Develop skills to work effectively with teammates, motivate other members and coordinate team activities


Responsibilities of CREATIVE ARTS members:

  • Facilitate a variety of performances, talks and workshops including music, dance, drama/opera, boundary-crossing performances, and multi-media and experimental theatrical works
  • To lead and participate in peer learning sessions and discussions on creative arts related topics
  • Organizing student artworks exhibition and file showcase
  • Contribute 2-3 hours per week, inclusive of bi-weekly team meetings


Students' Feedback

"Creativity is important to fulfill one of the criteria of being a successful man because following other’s way, you will not get a unique life, I am just another copy of someone."

- Terry CHI (Year 2, ACCT)