[Release of 2nd Batch Hall Application Results]

The Second Batch of Hall Application Results is released on 20 June 2022. Hall offers were issued to successful nominated hall applicants through University Housing Quota Allocation for eligible Groups such as Schools, IPO, Sports and Development of the Dean of Students Office and the Council of HKUST Students’ Union. Also, hall applicants who are with the special circumstances and obtained approval of the Residence Masters should also have received the hall offers.


Successful hall applicants should ACCEPT the hall offer online within the offer acceptance period at or before the deadline at 11:59pm, 23 June 2022 (HK Time). Late acceptance of hall offer is not considered, and their hall places will be recovered respectively.


Apart from the 2nd batch of hall application result, the waiting list has also been updated as of 20 June 2022. Please refer to latest waiting list via https://shrl-admission.ust.hk/ughwaitinglist.


It is the responsibility of the applicants to check with the Student Housing and Residential Life Office either in person or by writing to ughousing@ust.hk if they do not find any update by late June 2022.


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