Partially reopening of UG Hall IX

UG Hall IX will be partially reopened starting from August 2021

SHRLO has been closely monitoring the usage of UG Hall IX and exploring the possibilities to reopen the student hall to alleviate the housing demand especially in consideration of the on-campus teaching to be adopted in 2021-22. Given that the pandemic situation remained unstable at the time of the hall application period for Continuing students, the University had made a prudent decision to reserve UG Hall IX for emergent use at that time. Recently, there has been an excessive number of hall applications received from new UG students, SHRLO has thus followed up with various offices and departments to discuss if UG Hall IX can be reopened for student accommodation considering the relatively controlled pandemic development. It has been decided that hall places on 3/F-6/F in UG Hall IX will be allocated to our new UG students starting in August 2021 while hall places on G/F – 2/F will still be reserved for emergent use.

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