Guest Pass System 2021-22

The arrangements for the Guest Pass Scheme in UG Halls I to IX in Residential Year 2021-22 has been confirmed as follows. Please note that the scheme is kept under constant review and may be suspended if deemed necessary.


Brief Policy of the Guest Pass Scheme
The Scheme aims to allow residents to have their guest stay overnight legitimately. With a valid Guest Pass, students who are non-residents can make use of the Scheme to be hosted by a resident to stay overnight in the respective UG hall room.


  • The resident, as host, will be charged HK$20 for each guest per overnight stay. The name of the guest and the day of stay must be specified at the time of purchase.
  • Residents must obtain consent * for hosting a guest.
  • The maximum number of guests per night is capped at 50 in each hall, on first-come first-serve basis.
  • Each resident and room can host at most 1 guest per night. The guest has to be of the same gender as the host.
  • Guests have to be HKUST registered undergraduate students and each can stay for at most 15 nights per month * under this scheme.
  • Once a guest pass is purchased, a confirmation email will be sent to the host, roommate(s) and the guest.
  • The guest must be accompanied by the host every time when s/he enters or leaves hall through turnstile.


* refer to the terms & conditions for definition


Details (including the Terms & Conditions)


The Scheme in 2021-22

  • Online application by host only, apply online at:
  • Payment by credit card only
  • From 5 November 2021 till 31 May 2022 (both nights inclusive), in UG Halls I - IX for UGs only


Update of Consent in Hosting Guests

You may login to the online system to update your consent for guest hosting. Such consent is for the room in general; in other words, the consent is for both you and your roommate(s).



Should there be any questions, please contact SHRL by email at or in person at G/F, UG Hall II.

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