FAQs on COVID-19 (Housing Arrangement)

(Reference is made with the latest COVID-19 requirements by the HKSAR Government. Any change hereafter will be updated in this FAQ as soon as possible.)

For Fall Term 2022 (Last update on 1 April 2022)

1. I am required to self-isolate upon arrival to Hong Kong. Would I be provided with a facility for the compulsory quarantine?

All HKUST students will have to make their own quarantine arrangement at their own cost. 

Students returning outside of Hong Kong should pay attention to the latest quarantine arrangements announced by the HKSAR Government.
Hall offer holders can refer to the latest University quarantine arrangement on COVID-19 Info@HKUST. As soon as the quarantine facility has been reserved, they should contact us at ughousing@ust.hk (UG) or pghousing@ust.hk (PG) as soon as possible for the post-quarantine check-in arrangement.


2. If I don’t check in to the student hall at the start of my residential period, can I still check-in to my room later?

The admission into the hall is either for the whole residential year or for the assigned term. Residents are charged for the entire period regardless of the length of their stay. In other words, even if you check in later, you are required to settle hall fee incurred for your ENTIRE hall residence REGARDLESS of the check-in status.

If you would like to come back later than the commencement date of the residential period in the Fall term, you should send an email to us at ughousing@ust.hk (UG) or pghousing@ust.hk (PG), informing us of your late check-in and the planned check-in date by a specified deadline. UG residents should inform us within 7 days after the first date of fall-term residence, i.e. 4 September 2022, whereas PG residents should inform us within 14 days of the start of the fall-term residence, i.e. 29 August 2022. If you fail to inform us of your late check-in by the specified deadline, your hall offer will become null and void AND you will still be responsible to settle the hall fee incurred. 

Furthermore, ALL residents should complete the check-in procedures at their assigned student hall on or before 30 September 2022. If you fail to check in by 30 September 2022 without providing any valid reason for your very-late arrival, you will NOT be allowed to check-in to your room as your hall offer will become null and void, but you are still responsible for the hall fee incurred.


3. I have a full-year hall offer in 2022-23 and but I cannot return in Fall 2022 due to COVID-19. What should I do?

Successful hall applicants are offered with a full residential year residence, including Fall term and Spring term residence. In general, adjustment to only 1-term hall residence is unlikely to be arranged.

If you cannot return in the entire Fall term 2022, you are advised to contact us IMMEDIATELY at ughousing@ust.hk (UG) or pghousing@ust.hk (PG), explaining the special circumstances that make you unable to return to the student hall with full details and supporting documents (if applicable). Your request to retain only Spring-term residence will be reviewed case-by-case, but please understand that such adjustment is very difficult to arrange.

Please be reminded that if residents fail to complete the check-in procedures in Fall 2022 on or before 30 September 2022, the corresponding hall offer will become null and void BUT students will still be held responsible to settle the hall fee.


4. I am a spring-term hall resident in 2021-22 and have a hall offer in 2022-23, can I change to another hall or room different from my current bed space?

As both hall transfer and room transfer are suspended due to COVID-19, you will be assigned to the same bedspace as in your Spring term 2022 residence unless maintenance work is required. 


5. If there is a decision made by the University on teaching mode (e.g. online-mode or mixed-mode), can I make adjustments to my 2022-23 hall offer?

The University is closely monitoring the development of the epidemic and hopes students stay vigilant on their health and safety. Depending on the teaching mode in Fall 2022, SHRLO will provide a Qualtrics form to applicants with valid hall offer for them to indicate their decision on retaining or withdrawing from their hall offer.

In case hall residents have any concerns on their committed hall residence relevant to the pandemic, they should inform the Student Housing and Residential Life Office immediately via email ughousing@ust.hk (UG students) or pghousing@ust.hk (PG Students).


6. Do I need to provide proof of vaccination record to stay in the student residence?

All members are required to present a valid University Campus Access Pass (CAP) at the gates for accessing campus.  The CAP will be updated automatically for those who had already submitted their vaccination records.


7. Are there any COVID-19 preventive measures in student residence?

To minimize the risk of COVID-19 spreading in the community, there will be measures on social distancing, gathering limit or mask mandate in student residence with reference to the latest requirement by the HKSAR Government.

Residents are required to avoid social or meal gatherings and the hall management will put up notices in common areas to remind residents on the preventive measures. Residents failed to comply with the measures will be reported to the Residence Master for disciplinary follow up.


8. I am a new student and receive the HKUST offer late, so I miss the hall application period, what should I do? 

In general, hall applications must be submitted within the hall application period (New UG: 2 Jul – 15 Jul 2022; New RPg: 17 Jun – 4 Jul 2022) through the online Hall Application System. Late submissions are NOT considered.  However, if you are admitted to the University after the hall application period, you should make your hall application request in writing to the Student Housing & Residential Life Office (UG: ughousing@ust.hk; PG: pghousing@ust.hk), along with the confirmation of your latest HKUST programme offer issued by the admission office. Upon verification with the respective admission offices, such late hall applications may be treated as valid and will be processed in accordance with the hall allocation policy.


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