FAQs on COVID-19 (Housing Arrangement)

In light of the announcement on teaching mode adjustment, information on student accommodation is updated as shown below:


1. I have opted to return in Spring 2021. But if the teaching mode is adjusted to mixed-mode (online + face-to-face) during Fall 2020, can I come back in Fall 2020?

As you have previously opted not to stay in the hall for Fall-term, we regret that your hall offer will remain as “Spring-term” only since there is no requirement to return to campus for face-to-face class. In other words, you remain assigned to the spring term only, and can check-in on or after 25 January 2021.  A reminder will be sent to you in the due course.



2. I have courses that are allowed mixed mode of operation of class, can I come back in Fall 2020?

To maintain social distancing, the university is not encouraging students to attend class in person when it is not necessary.   Mixed mode delivery is only an option for some courses, and physical presence is not a compulsory requirement.  We do not guarantee that your request for Hall accommodation will be granted. If you are facing special circumstances and have a genuine necessity for an exception, please provide supporting documents from your academic department for consideration


3. I am on the waiting list. When can I expect to receive a hall offer?

In view of the unforeseeable pandemic situation in Hong Kong, topping up of hall places for Spring Term 2021 will only be considered in late Fall 2020 in accordance with the Government and University policy by then. SHRLO will communicate with you towards the end of the Fall Term. Please stay tuned.


4. In case I don’t have a valid hall offer in the Residential Year 2020-2021, can I submit a new hall application at this moment?

The Hall admission exercise is conducted once a year in March/April (for continuing students) and in July/August (for new students). You did not submit a hall application at the abovementioned times probably because of not seeing the need. If you have applied but was not assigned a hall place, you should have made prior arrangement by now. Hence, there is no need of you to submit a new application at this moment.


14 July 2020

1. Due to the safety concerns, I have now decided to stay in my hometown and take the online courses.  However, I have paid the hall fee.  Can I get the refund?

If you decide not to return to Hong Kong, please let us know as soon as you have made up your mind and before September 4 (the check in date).   If we have not received any notification from you and you have not checked in to the dormitory by September 14, it is taken that you are giving up the hall place, which will be assigned to other students. Refund of hall fee will only be made after charges for the room for the occupied period (Sept 4-14) has been deducted.


2. If I don’t come to Hong Kong in September 2020 and register the on-line classes,  can I  come to Hong Kong in October 2020  ?  Can I check-in my room or can I apply for student halls?

The admission into the hall is for the whole residential year or for the assigned term.  They are charged for the entire period. Once a hall place is given up by the assigned student, it will be released for other students in need. Re-assignment of hall place or re-admission when original assignee returning at a later time will NOT be possible.  If students would like to come back in the middle of the term, they should indicate to us at the term start (before September 4).  They will have to pay for the entire term instead of partial payment only for days spent in the room after he comes back.  Or, they will have to give up their hall places, and arrange their own quarantine and accommodation after they return to HK.


3. If I am in Hong Kong and am a resident of student hall in September 2020 and would like to go back to my hometown (e.g. in the event that there is a rapid development of COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong), can I apply for withdrawal from residence and receive the refund of hall fee?

The hall fee is charged for a full term.  If students have checked in and choose to leave the hall in the middle of the term, NO refund will be provided even withdrawal is made before the end of the term.


4. When I come back to Hong Kong in the middle of the Fall Term 2020-21, would I be provided with a facility for 14 days quarantine?

We do not guarantee the support of quarantine on campus throughout the term. We may likely refer students coming back to HK late to hotels off-campus for this quarantine purpose on their own arrangement and at their own cost. 


5. If I still have some unpacked belongings in the hall, left behind since Spring Term 2019-20, how will the items be handled?

Once it is confirmed that a student is not coming back to the campus in the fall by the deadline of August 16, to maximize the use of bed spaces, their belongings will be packed by an outsourced service as we did at the beginning of summer during the checkout period, and items will be stored in an off-campus location. The cost will be borne by the student and be charged to the student account. The room will be made available for assignment to other students in need.


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