FAQs on COVID-19 (Housing Arrangement)

FAQs on COVID-19 for Continuing Students in Fall Term 2021 (Last update on 5 August 2021)


1. When I come back to Hong Kong for Fall Term 2021-22, would I be provided with a facility for the compulsory quarantine?

No. All HKUST students will have to make their own quarantine arrangement at their own cost. No quarantine (including home quarantine) is allowed in all student halls.


Students returning outside of Hong Kong should pay attention to the latest quarantine arrangements announced by the HKSAR Government (see latest suspension of exemption of quarantine for persons returning from Mainland areas other than Guangdong Province at https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202108/04/P2021080400937.htm).


HKUST members (who are also HKID holders) returning from Guangdong Province are encouraged to come to Hong Kong via the Return2HK Scheme (https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/return2hk-scheme.html) for exemption from the compulsory quarantine requirement. Since they do not have to undergo quarantine, they can check in to the student halls to undergo the health-monitoring.


Members who return to Hong Kong from Mainland areas other than Guangdong Province WITHOUT using the Return2HK Scheme are required to undergo quarantine at non-designated hotels which accept quarantiners. They must complete the quarantine BEFORE checking into the student halls. The self-monitoring period after the quarantine can be conducted in the student halls. Please refer to the COVID-19 Info @HKUST (https://covid19info.ust.hk/quarantine-arrangements) for the list of non-designated hotels.


For those returning from foreign places other than Mainland areas are required to undergo compulsory quarantine at designated hotels (refer to COVID-19 Info @HKUST). Likewise, students will need to complete the compulsory quarantine BEFORE checking in to the student halls. Students are then allowed to check in to the student hall to undergo the self-monitoring.


Hall offer holders can refer to the latest University quarantine arrangement or the COVID-19 Info@HKUST (https://covid19info.ust.hk/quarantine-arrangements). As soon as the quarantine facility has been reserved, they should contact us at ughousing@ust.hk (for UG students) or pghousing@ust.hk (for PG students) as soon as possible for the post-quarantine check-in arrangement.


2. I have a 2021-22 hall offer and am currently not in Hong Kong. If I have to take online courses starting in Fall 2021, and I don’t come back to the student hall until later in October 2021, can I still check-in to my room?

The admission into the hall is either for the whole residential year or for the assigned term. Residents are charged for the entire period regardless of the length of their stay. In other words, even if you check in later, you are required to settle hall fee incurred for your ENTIRE hall residence REGARDLESS of the check-in status. There will not be a reduction in hall fee, and their quarantine expenses cannot offset any hall fee even if their quarantine period overlaps with hall residence period.

If you would like to come back later than the commencement date of the residential period in the Fall term, you should send an email to us (UG students: ughousing@ust.hk; PG students: pghousing@ust.hk), informing us of your late check-in and the planned check-in date by a specified deadline. UG residents should inform us within 7 days after the first date of fall-term residence, i.e. 4 September 2021, whereas PG residents should inform within 14 days of the start of the fall-term residence, i.e. 27 August 2021. If you fail to inform us of your late check-in by the specified deadline, your hall offer will be cancelled AND you will still be held responsible to settle the hall fee incurred for your hall residence and your hall offer will become null and void.

Furthermore, ALL residents should complete the check-in procedures at their assigned student hall on or before 30 September 2021. If you fail to check in by 30 September 2021 without providing any valid reason for your very-late arrival, you will NOT be allowed to check-in to your room.


3. I have a full-year hall offer in 2021-22 and but I cannot return in Fall 2021 due to COVID-19. What should I do?

Successful hall applicants are offered with a full residential year hall offer, including Fall term and Spring term residence. In general, adjustment to only 1-term hall residence is unlikely to be arranged.

If you cannot return in the entire Fall term 2021, you are advised to contact us IMMEDIATELY at ughousing@ust.hk (UG) or pghousing@ust.hk (PG), explaining the special circumstances that make you unable to return to the student hall with full details and supporting documents (if applicable). Your request to retain only Spring-term residence will be reviewed case-by-case, but please be warned that such adjustment is very difficult to be arranged.

Please be reminded that if residents fail to complete the check-in procedures in Fall 2021 on or before 30 September 2021, the corresponding hall offer will be cancelled AND they will still be held responsible to settle the hall fee incurred for the residence of the committed term(s) EVEN IF they have not checked in.


4. I am a spring-term hall resident in 2020-21 and have a hall offer in 2021-22, can I change to another hall or room different from my current bed space?

The answer is no. Both hall transfer and room transfer are suspended due to COVID-19. Residents in 2021-22 will be assigned to the same bedspace as in their Spring term 2021 residence.

Only special requests with medical proofs or other professional assessment with recommendations on the change of student accommodation will be considered. Residents can approach their respective hall offices or write to ughousing@ust.hk or pghousing@ust.hk to illustrate their special need for the request. Please note that such hall/ room transfers can only be processed subject to the approval by respective Residence Masters and room availability.


5. If COVID-19 situation worsens and there has been a decision made by the University to switch to online teaching (e.g. purely online or mixed-mode), can I make adjustments to my 2021-22 hall offer?

The University is closely monitoring the development of the epidemic and hopes students stay vigilant on their health and safety.  In case hall residents have any concerns on their committed hall residence relevant to the pandemic, they should inform the Student Housing and Residential Life Office immediately via email ughousing@ust.hk (UG students) or pghousing@ust.hk (PG Students).



6. I am on the waiting list. When can I expect to receive a hall offer?

In the sequence of the waitlist position announced on SHRLO webpage (https://shrl-admission.ust.hk/ughwaitinglist), you will be informed by email about the hall residence offer as soon as a bed space becomes available. Please be patient and check your HKUST mailbox for our updates.

Similar to previous years, over-offering of UG hall residence for 2021-22 was applied, i.e. the number of hall offer made is greater than available bed spaces. This practice has been in place for many years and is important to expediate the process of making offers to hall applicants, helping SHRLO to utilize limited resources efficiently. However, this year, the hall offer acceptance rate was higher than in previous years. More hall applicants who receive hall offers have accepted it than those in previous years. Thus, there is no vacant hall places to carry out topping up practice at this moment for 2021-22.

It has also come to our attention that some students who hold a hall offer will check in to their assigned student halls later than the official check-in date due to the latest special arrangements for inbound travellers imposed by the HKSAR Government. As such, we speculate that a clearer picture about the actual number vacant hall places for top-up can only be captured in around end of October to mid of November 2021. If you are on the waiting list, we advise you to plan ahead and make prior accommodation arrangement as soon as you have been informed of the hall application result.


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