Application for Student Housing in Residential Year 2020/21

Full-time registered undergraduate students who would like to apply for hall residence for the Residential Year 2020/21 are now invited to submit applications between 27 March 2020 to 20 April 2020.



The residential periods are tentative only, subject to the confirmation of the University Academic Calendar 2020/21.  The University will keep close monitoring of the pandemic situation.  The number of hall places to be allocated would be reviewed from the public health and safety perspectives in a timely manner.


Note to Students Currently/Who Plan to Be On Leave of Study/Exchange
Students who wish to apply for student accommodation in the Residential Year 2020/21 are required to submit applications during the aforementioned application period regardless of their registration status during the application period. 
No application will be accepted after the deadline, 11:59pm, 20 April 2020 (HK Time).

Those with unconfirmed leave / exchange plan in 2020/21 should still submit a hall application within the application period as this is the ONLY admission exercise for the Residential Year 2020/21.

Eligibility for UG Student Housing
All FULL-TIME REGISTERED UG Students of the University are eligible to apply for student accommodation. Students
who have their full-time status changed during the coverage of the residential year will not be eligible for student accommodation. Any associated hall application, hall offer and hall residence will become null and void.

Students in the following categories are NOT eligible for student housing:
1. termination of study
2. program completion
3. leave of study
4. extension of study beyond the normal period (BNP)
5. exchange-out

[with reference to AR3.4 of the Academic Regulations; refer to for details]


Information on Hall Application 2020/21
Students can obtain detailed application information at:

Students are advised to go through the information before submitting an application.


Application Method

"Click here to submit application for Residential Year 2020/21"

Application Period

- 8am, 27 March 2020 to 11:59pm to 11:59pm on 20 April 2020 (HK Time).

NO applications will be accepted after the application period.

NOTE: An email acknowledgment will be sent to you upon successful submission of an application. Please ensure to check your email and in case you do not receive the e-mail acknowledgment, contact us at immediately or before the application deadline.

Release of Results
1st Batch of Hall Application Results will be released around 15 May 2020. Applicants should check with the Student Housing and Residential Life Office if they do not receive notification by 18 May 2020.


Online Acceptance of Hall Offer
Successful applicants are required to accept the hall offer ONLINE. A system generated notification email will be sent to successful applicants on the following day after results are announced. Successful applicants are required to follow instructions stated in the email to confirm their acceptance within 4 days from the email. Failure to complete the online acceptance by the deadline will result in cancellation of the hall offer without prior notification.



For questions concerning the admission exercise, please email to the Student Housing and Residential Life Office at

Student Housing and Residential Life Office
26 March 2020




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