First-Year Experience @ Residence Program (FYE)

Your first year is an exciting and very important time of your life. The First-Year Experience @ Residence Program (FYE) is a cornerstone of our efforts to help you adapt to university life, and become engaged in residential life and hall communities. We aim to assist your education and personal development through mentoring and pastoral care, and ultimately have more interaction with the faculty and university, to take a leading role in our community. 


This program provides information and opportunities to all new students to get to know the campus and their surroundings. They will help you adapt to the academic and social environment of the University, and help to foster your personal development, as you will be encouraged to interact with fellow students, residential faculty and staff. All will encourage you to take a leading role in your hall community.

Meet new friends

Cultural Exchange

Enhance Social Interaction

The aims of the program are as follows:

  • ADAPTATION: To live in a peer group led by residential staff serving as mentors and introducing them to University life;

  • DIVERSE COMMUNITIES: To develop a sense of belonging and benefit from respectful interaction with fellow students, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds and interests;

  • PERSONAL & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: After learning to make strategic use of the many resources offered at our University, new students will apply what they learn in residence to enrich their own lives.


The program will get you fast acquainted with the campus, your fellow students, and help you achieve a "Reslife" at HKUST. These are all part of a series of orientations taking for new students. We look forward to showing you around - soon you will be the experts.