Struggle for Survival X-perience

On November 28th, 2015, I took part in a very inspiring unique simulation game called Struggle for Survival X-perience which was held by one of the famous Hong Kong-based non-profit organization Crossroads Foundation.  As a freshman of the University, I always want to jump out of the box to explore more of the outside world and use the knowledge and skills which I gained from school flexibly to give back to the society, also gain a deeper understanding of the real picture of the society.  However, it is not easy for me to make a balance between academy and social voluntary activities.   Thanks to this activity which was introduced by the Student Housing and Residential Life Office of HKUST gave me a valuable chance to know more about the local NGO and participate in this meaningful game.


Experience during the X-perience

The simulation game was not a simple funny game that merely plays with fun and enjoyment.  More importantly, this game gave us a realistic and vivid picture of the real life and situation of millions of poor people who live in the world.  They need to face many problems which threaten their lives every day, includes disease, shortage of clean food and toilets, the increasing fee of the poorly accommodation and the rising price of food.  They are one of the weakest groups of people of the world which need help from others.  However, there are little chances and opportunities for them to change their lives and destinies.  Many organizations of charity just provide the limited financial and material aids for the poor people but cannot increase the standards of their lives.  What’s more, without the useful and prompt solutions and revolutions of this urgent problem, the number of poor people will increase in the following years since the gap between the rich and poor is increasing even in the developing countries.  Thus, the lives of the poor will relate to the total development of the society and fairness of the world. 


Reflection and Redirection in Life

After joining this game, I was so fortunate that I have so many things that many people in the world cannot gain in their whole lives, for instance, the chance of receiving education, the comfortable accommodation, a wholesome body. 


Cherish what I have and try my best to help people in need is the class I learnt from this game.  Every person has his or her own power to change the world and contribute to the society.  The first thing we need to do is to step out from our comfort zones to understand the living situation of the poor and to help them not only financially but also mentally.  Give them a hope of living and change their lives basically.



TAN Jingjing

UG Year 1

School of Humanities and Social Science 

Global China Studies