Music and Wine Make the Night!

Spending the night with wine and music is probably one of the best ways to relax and enjoy after a hectic day with classes and studies. A Performance Night and Wine Tasting Session was held on 29 April in the dining Hall of UG Halls VIII and IX for residents to relax and socialize with fellow students.

Participants Learned about Wine

Experts were invited to share the knowledge of wine making and tasting. Participants also got a chance to see how different types of cocktails were made. The night was highlighted by music performance by the residents. There was a performer sang with ukulele. Another sang with his own lyrics for a piece of music.

There's Not Only Songs, But Also Dance

There was also a group of dancers presented their pop steps while the others gave the audiences their lovely vocals. Both the performers and audiences enjoyed the performance very much.

There were more than 70 participants. It was a really good showcase for the residents’ talents while all the others can enjoy the music and dance.

To enjoy music together with other residents, check out the upcoming events on music performance.