Live Green? You Can!

In October, UG Hall III organized three activities on green living, including a mini-lecture, a DIY Workshop and a talk.


The Mini-lecture was spoken by our Residence Master, Prof. Irene Lo on the topic of “Living Green”. Prof. Lo described the different levels of Rs concept (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace). She also introduced different new technologies our neighbor countries uses to handle the large amount of rubbish daily. It inspired the participants to rethink the existing waste disposal system in Hong Kong. After the mini-lecture, the participants were divided into different groups to discuss how to live greener. They shared their ideas based on the green knowledge they learned from the mini-lecture and suggested many ideas, such as holding a recycle bag design competition and reminding each other to turn off lights and air-conditioners when they are not in use.

4 Rs in Daily Life

Following to the mini-lecture, a Flowerpot DIY Workshop was held to practice the Rs concept they have learned. The participants used plastic bottles collected from the weekly recycling campaign to make the flowerpots. They showed their talents in designing and handcrafting. They enjoyed this activity very much and hoped more DIY workshops will be held.

Polar Region Experience Sharing


Another event was a talk given by Mr. Wilson Cheung, the first Chinese Hong Kong mountain service guide works in Antarctica, the Arctic and Switzerland Alps. He shared his experiences of travelling in the world’s most perilous mountains and expeditions to the planet’s most desolate spots. He showed how he had developed himself in mental, physical and skill sets to make what he is doing right now possible. Mr. Cheung said, “Anyone can be a dreamer, and to make one’s dream come true. It requires passion, patience, and years of hard work.” His growth and development inspired the students a lot. He also brought us to notice the impact of human behavior to Antarctica areas and arouse the students’ awareness on environmental protection.  By listening to his stories with pictures and videos, the mountain, the sky, the sea and the living creatures in the other part of the world are no longer empty ideas for students. They realized that “the blue color of Antarctica is unique and there is no place in the world that is so beautiful”. To keep it, it requires everyone’s effort in environmental conservation.

With the activities, participants have a better understanding in environmental protection and have increased incentive to live greener!

Flowerpot DIY Workshop

Talk given by Mr. Wilson Cheung

Prof. Irene LO and Mr. Wilson Cheung

WANG Beichen
PhD(FINA), Year 1