Inspiring the Freshmen

This year, UG Halls VIII & IX hold a new program called First Year Residential Life Program (FYRLP). It is a great opportunity for freshmen to experience University life together with coaching and sharing by Residential Life Mentors (RLM). Dine-And-Share Experience is one of the activities in the program and is held every week. Participants will have dinner together with RLM and Residence Masters. There will sometimes be guest speakers sharing during dinner.

In October, three special sharing sessions were held. “Combat your bad stress during exams” and “Crack the exam code” were shared in the first two sessions in the hope of giving support to first-year students for their “first” mid-term in university. “Essentials for Freshmen” was also shared with participants in another session.


Tricks for academic success

Ms Rufina WONG from the Student Affairs Office shared ways on relieving bad stress during exams. Rufina introduced some tricks for relaxing with our residents, such as having a deep breathe, imagining oneself to be a little plant on a sunny grassland, etc.

On the other night, Prof. Ben CHAN and his team gave a sharing on the exam tips. Participants found it funny when they knew what a good grade meant and what the different stances of teachers and students towards exams.  

Prof. YEUNG Lam Lung, the Head of Student Housing and Residential Life Office also gave a sharing on“Essentials for Freshmen”. Participants found the sharing sessions useful and interesting. They dined and chatted with guest speakers and looked forward to another sharing session.

Rufina introduced some tricks for relaxing with our residents.

Prof. CHAN and his team gave a sharing on the exam tips.

Participants found it funny when they knew the different stances of teachers and students towards exams.

Prof. YEUNG gave a sharing on “Essentials for Freshmen”.

Miss Carmen Lau
Project Assistant of UG Hall IX