Influencing One Another by Music, House V Music Group

House V Music Group gathers a group of music lovers and play music together. There are a total of 12 active members this year and they play different musical instruments like guitar, bass, drum and electric guitar.

Sharing Music by Performances and Music Class

Not only playing music within the group, they also spread the happiness to others. The members hold weekly Music Class every semester and there are around 15 to 20 students come to learn every time. Besides learning and practicing, they do performance all over the year. They were invited to perform in hall activities and other HKUST official functions like Dragon Boat Fun Day. What’s more is that they bring their music out of the campus to perform in the public area in Mongkok to share their music and aspiration to the larger community.


When asked about the reasons for joining House V Music Group, the three active members Lok Man, Sherman and Ray all agree that it is the sense of belonging that brings them together. ‘To play music in the hall you are living in is like playing music for your friends and family. It is like serving the residents here and we also get spiritual support from them.’

Members Learned to Work As a Team

The members not only got an opportunity to learn music and play music together, they also advanced in their personal development. ‘I learned how to express my view while respecting others’ opinion. It’s a process of negotiating and compromising. I also developed a different view on music. It’s not just playing music on my own, but also sharing the music and spreading the happiness to others.’ Sherman said. ‘People join for different purposes. But we all end up working and performing as a team.’ Ray said.


Recently, the group is working more on rewriting the lyrics and writing their own pieces of music. Lok Man said, ‘when we are doing something experimental, we enjoyed the result as well as the process. The positive energy has developed in the group and it motivates us.’

The Future and Heritance of the Group

It is never easy to maintain the enthusiasm and a group for years. ‘Sometimes we received complaints from shops when we are performing on the street in Mongkok, or we are invited for a performance but the organizer never introduces us or acknowledges our name in the events.’ Though it is only a performance of a few minutes, it spent the performers days and months to practice before they go on the stage. Their hard work should be respected and appreciated.
Moving forward, House V Music Group hopes to continue to share their music with others. They are also looking forward for the opportunity to perform in functions of larger scale. To do so, they would need to take care their musical instruments really well and new instruments may be needed. The group hopes to get some support or sponsor for equipments so that they can better equip themselves for future performance. They hope their next ‘generation’ of students in the music group would continue to inherit this culture and continue to influence one another.