Get to Know your Neighbour

A Tea Gathering was held for University Apartments’ (Tower A & B) residents in UC Bistro inOctober.  Residents had a casual talk with Miss Natalie Luo, Residential Life Officer of UA and expressed their feelings of living in the Towers. It was glad to know that they like to live in the Towers. Residents also had an animated conversation with each other. Many topics were covered during their conversation, such as study, travel and their hobbies. Friendship was built because of this activity and a chat group on mobile was created so that they could have more communications or hang out together in the future.


Support for renting off-campus housing


In addition to mingle the residents, another important aim of the activity was to provide useful information to them. In this gathering, Miss Stephanie Kim from Off-Campus Housing Section was invited to join. She shared with the participants information and tips of renting off-campus accommodation. Residents were glad to know that some assistance could be provided to them if they need help in looking for apartments in the future.

It was a nice gathering in a warm afternoon with chats and laughter.



Miss Natalie Luo
Residential Life Officer of UA