German Cultural Night

On Oktoberfest, Hall VII conducted a German Cultural Night which included German foods such as sausages and pork knuckle, as well as a beer tasting session conducted by The Bottle Shop.

Many attendees showed up on the night, eager to try new types of beers and learn about the brewing process. There were hall fellows, tutors andresidents. The night began with a tasting of cider to get everyone warmed up, before moving onto stronger and some may say, bitterer drinks.

A drink highlight was the tasting of a plum-based beer specially brewed in Japan. What was special about this beer, besides its taste, was the fact that each batch takes five years to make, and the price of each bottle? – 125 HKD for a 330ml bottle. 

Learning the beer brewing process


In addition to the drinks, the host Danny conducted the beer tasting and gave a very good presentation about the different types of beers, as well as the process of brewing beer. Many of us seemed to find this aspect of the beer tasting very interesting, as we got to see the tools and facilities involved in the beer making process, as well as a short time lapse video!

All in all, it was a very successful night that many residents enjoyed,offering us an opportunity to responsibly consume and enjoy beer in an informal setting with our peers and professors. 


Danny introduces the beer brewing process.

Beer tasting

Mathias B. WESTLIE