Residential Life Overview

Welcome to your new life


Student hall is where it all starts!


Discover a unique living environment where you will find friendship, be part of a community, and have stories to last a lifetime.

A melting pot of culture and personalities, hall life will enhance your intellectual abilities and cosmopolitan sensibilities, and offer experiences to define your university years. 

It will be challenging at times, and yet always rewarding. In an atmosphere of respect for others, you will have a healthy study and living space, and with your peers, embark upon a journey you will treasure for life.
Want to know more? Take a look at our Tips on Hall Life .

Life in undergraduate halls


Leaving home and arriving at the university for the first time is both exciting and challenging! Luckily we offer a rich network of mentors including Hall Education Teams, Residence Masters, Learning Community Fellows, Residential Life Officers, Tutors and Learning Community Coordinators.
Not only will you be supported every step of the way, but you will have the chance to join activities, events, and discussions and get to know everybody in the community. Pretty soon you'll qualified to be the mentor for incoming students!
As the residential year begins, you'll have a Hall Orientation to help you get to know everybody, be introduced to the "dos and don'ts" of hall life, and understand the role and responsibilities expected of you. Most importantly, the orientation will be tremendous fun! You will meet plenty of people in no time at all, and feel at home.

Life in postgraduate halls – SKCC Hall and University Apartments


Enriching your educational life is what the postgraduate experience is all about. On campus you will have convenient access to academic and research facilities, the opportunity to interact with peers, and meet the people who will not only help you learn but will become lifelong friends and maybe even professional associates in the future. Living with people form a variety of cultures and backgrounds is a wonderful way to enrich yourself and enjoy an immersive experience in diversity.