As a global citizen, everyone should take responsibility to protect the Earth.

Try your best to exercise REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE and REPLACE (4Rs) in daily hall life:

4 R's


1. Reduce shower time and turn off the tap while you brush your teeth.

2. Reduce electricity wastage by turning off all appliances when not in use.

3. Reduce the use of tissue/toilet paper.

4. Reduce ordering delivery, especially for those restaurants which use styrofoam


1. Recycling bins for paper/plastic/metal/glass bottles are in our surroundings. Clean items before dropping them into recycling bins.

2. Donate unwanted clothes which are in good conditions. Recycling bins for clothes are located outside UGI, UGVI & Tower C.

3. Donate unwanted items to Give & Take campaign during check-out period.



1. Reuse plastic bags.

2. Wash and reuse disposable containers and cutleries that are in good conditions.

3. Reuse the unused side of old papers.



1. Replace disposable containers with reusable containers when buying take-away.

2. Replace disposable straw with reusable one or use a spoon.

3. Use your own bags and containers instead of plastic bags during your grocery shopping.

4. Replace single-use tissue paper with reusable hand towels.



Please click the below link for detailed reference: