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iVillage is an LLC for students interested in exploring cultures outside their own, who have respect for divergent cultural values and enthusiasm for living and learning in an international community. Global cultures and lifestyles are experienced through interaction with international students and faculty and through cultural events. As the LLC aims to integrate local and non-local students by creating an international community, 50% local and 50% non-local students with a shared commitment to diversity will be selected to join this community. 



Prof. Tat Koon KOH, Assistant Professor, Dept of Information Systems, Business Statistics & Operations Management

Tat Koon is an Assistant Professor in Information Systems at HKUST. He received his Ph.D. and MSc. from Carnegie Mellon University, and B.Bus from Nanyang Technological University. One of the fun/crazy things he has done (to date) was to cofound an online Business-to-Business exchange during his freshman year. The startup was an ideal platform for him to experiment and implement various e-business strategies such as growth hacking and freemium revenue model, long before these concepts take root in the tech world. Although he did not get on Forbes’ list of “Richest People in Tech” because of the startup (how unfortunate!), he accumulated a rich set of e-business experiences that is still motivating his academic and professional interests. He has advised various tech startups (including those by HKUST undergraduate, MBA, and EMBA students) on their business ideas and strategies.

Ms. Lily Wong, Instructional Assistant, Dept of Marketing

Ms. Lily Wong completed MSc. in City University of Hong Kong, and BCom in University of Auckland, New Zealand. With her experience as an international student, she has lots of funny and embarrassing stories to share dealing with different cultures and lifestyles. She loves travelling, good food, loud music and indie movies.

Members of the iVillage will learn to:
  • Live and work together effectively in a cross-cultural community
  • Demonstrate effective cross-cultural communication and teamwork strategies
Proposed activities include:
  • Foreign film nights
  • Guest talks on world cultures
  • International music and dance
  • Festival celebrations
  • Visits to Hong Kong cultural sites and international events
  • Hosted dinners with faculty or guests discussing international work, travel, trends or research
  • Workshops on intercultural communication and teamwork
  • and more... 


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