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Creativity is the key graduate attribute that transcends disciplines and leads to design, invention, collaboration and innovation. The arts foster creativity. All students can develop their creative capacities if they have access to rich learning opportunities in environments that nurture and support their creative development. With the aim to enhance personal creative growth, the program offered by the Creative Affinity Community is designed to demystify the concepts, practices and processes of creativity through an exploration of visual arts and design activities.
cheng kwan ho hkust的圖片搜尋結果
Mr. Nick Wong
Lecturer, Center for Lauguage Education
In the daytime, Nick, who does not go to school by bus, is a lecturer in the Center for Language Education, teaching English to first-year and business students. At night, he turns into a "keyboard fighter", writing and sharing posts in Kongish (a mixed language which are creatively use by Hong Kong bilinguals) on his Facebook Page "Kongish Daily" (You may not have heard of it probably because it has just a pitiful number of subscribers, just around 46000 followers currently). He went to HKU to read for his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees, but he only started practising art after he started his teaching career: In workplace, Nick not only mastered how to face criticism like song singing (Office survival art), he also met Mr. Lai Ming (a national artist who had studied under the tutelage of Gao Jianfu, the founder of Lingnan school of painting) and learnt the ways to practice and appreciate Chinese and Western paintings for a few years. Having learnt how to appreciate art, Nick decided not to paint anymore so as to stop land pollution and be environmentally friendly (by saving forests).  
Members of Creative Affinity Community will learn to:
  • Appreciate artworks and use their practical skill in visual art for the communication of ideas
  • Produce documentation of the creative process and reflection on art
  • Demonstrate creative ability by producing artworks for a joint exhibition
Proposed activities include:
  • Workshops on artistic skills such as photography, videography, graphics and media arts and various areas of design
  • Seminars and talks by artists, designers and creators who will share their thoughts on creativity by examining their own creative process
  • Discussion sessions on topics related to visual arts and design
  • Field trips to exhibitions, art museums during weekends and university holidays
  • Student-organized exhibitions and student-produced collective artwork that serve as a means to share their creative artwork with the community. Students have to submit an individual portfolio at the end of the semester
Students' Feedback
"Creativity is important to fulfill one of the criteria of being a successful man because following other’s way, you will not get a unique life, I am just another copy of someone."
- Terry CHI (Year 2, ACCT)
"We have a common goal that draws us together. We all want to explore our creativity and acquire skills that are beyond our own academic disciplines. Living in Hall VII gives me a sense of purpose." 
- Cherry LUK (Year 3, MGMT)



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