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N.I.C.E. are residential programs designed for ALL residents! Let's Explore, Dream, Discover your unique Hall Life Together!

N = Nurture
I = Internationalization
C = Curiosity
E = Eco-awareness


Program "Nurture" is one of the themes under "NICE" Hall Life under the Student Housing and Residential Life Office of HKUST. It aims to enhance residents’ well-being through integration of physical, mental, social, and financial aspects.

Kicking start we’d like to welcome everyone to a device-free dinner. While technology brings us conveniences, how does it intervene our social life? Experience a meal without buzzes and notifications and share your feelings with people sitting right next to you.




In 2015/16. Hall Language Buddy Program (HLBP) successfully enriched the living and learning experience of over a hundred non-locals and exchange-in residents.

Feedback was encouraging. Many Buddies even turn their inspiration into action by joining this year Program as Mentors. Riding on last year success, HLPB continues to serve as a platform for culture and language exchange in 2016/17.

36 Mentors (current hall residents) and 108 Buddies (new international hall residents) of 27 nationalities will take part in a series of social and cultural events. Similar to the previous year, the Organization Committee formed by selected residents join hand to tailor-make the program for the Mentors and Buddies. Below are some of the upcoming events of HLBP 2016/17.
For more information regarding Hall Language Buddy Program 2016/17, 
please visit http://shrl.ust.hk/eng/detail.php?catid=4&sid=23&tid=53 .




Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s just so irresistible. The Curiosity Programs, organized by the Student Housing and Residential Life Office (SHRLO), aims to provide you opportunities to understand your inner self by delivering a variety of activities.


The Make-up Workshop will give you a quick insight of how to take your beauty to the next level. On the other hand, the Struggle For Survival will give you a completely different experience of living a hand-to-mouth existence.


There will also be High Table Dinner in each semester. The theme is exchange experience and cultural sharing. Don’t miss this chance to meet those adventurous students and hear about their experience far away from home!


More events to follow throughout the academic year! Coffee Appreciation Workshop, Interactive Drama Workshop, Social Etiquette Workshop, you name it. Stay tuned on the HKUST Reslife Facebook page and get ready to excite your curiosity!




The Green Trekker is a program launched by Student Housing & Residential Life Office (SHRLO) in 2015. It offers opportunities to residents, who are passionate in environmental protection, to realize their concepts of sustainability and become leaders to promote a green culture among the hall community. This program aims at enhancing a green culture among the hall communities and projecting a green residential image of HKUST. Last year Green Trekker organized different kinds of activities, including Green Party, Green Christmas Decoration Competition and Recycling Campaign.


The first event of Green Trekker in this residential year is Feel Free to Take Day on 17 & 29 August. During check-out period in May 2016, over 600 items were collected from hall residents during Give and Take Campaign. At the beginning of new residential year, these items were redistributed to students in Feel Free to Take Day. Over 90 per cent items had been taken! We would like thank all residents for your support.


Green Trekker is now recruiting new members for Residential Year 2016-2017. Free green training camp, courses and workshops will be provided to new members. A subsidy will be granted to Green Trekkers, who fulfills all duties in the program, for a study tour to get first-hand experiences in environmental protection. All residents are welcome to join us to build a green community in HKUST.


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